Teal ribbon lapel pins for PTSD, Dissociative Disorders

Teal PTSD Awareness Ribbon

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PTSD wristbands - Not All Wounds Are Visible

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Dissociative Identity Disorder ribbon lapel pins

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Dissociative Identity Disorder wristbands

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Grounding Cards for Flashbacks & Other Items

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Dissociative Identity Disorder Ribbon Lapel Pins 

Dissociative Identity Disorder ribbon lapel pin badge
DID ribbon pin badge


A Dissociative Identity Disorder awareness ribbon made from black metal with soft enamel colors.


This badge is designed to be pinned on clothes fastens with a butterfly clasp.


Based on the original 'crazy quilt' design from Coping in Crazyville.  


Dissociative Identity Disorder Wristbands


Dissociative Identity Disorder wristbands
Dissociative Identity Disorder wristbands

The first and only wristbands for Dissociative Identity Disorder awareness in the world. 

These multicolored silicone wristbands have an awareness ribbon symbol followed by the words Dissociative Identity Disorder on the front, and Multiple Personality on the back. 


View DID/MPD Wristband Details for more information.

Posttraumatic Stress Disorder / Not All Wounds Are Visible wristbands

Posttraumatic Stress Awareness Not All Wounds Are Visible wristbands

These PTSD wristbands display POSTTRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER on one side, and Not All Wounds Are Visible on the other, and are available in 2 different sizes. More details

Special prices if you order more than one wristband at once, or for PTSD wristband and teal ribbon sets. 


Grounding Cards for Flashbacks



The Grounding cards (shown above) are a popular item for therapists, as well as for people dealing with PTSD or Dissociation. View the PTSD Items page for more information.


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